When a major accident occurs during a Formula 1 Grand Prix, a special car enters the track, the SAFETY CAR, which has the task of making the circuit and the surviving cars safe.

By translating the experience of motorsport into everyday life, when a very serious global emergency occurs, such as a pandemic, an economic crisis, a social revolution, with very heavy effects and repercussions on real life, it is necessary to rely on a SAFETYCAR that secure what we hold most dear by protecting what we believe is important and essential for our future existence. And it is better to organize yourself before this can one day happen.

This is why the SAFETYCAR Safety Office was born!

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When a big crash occurs in a car race, the Safetycar enters the track to protect the circuit and the surviving cars.


Inspired by the concept of Family Office, we believe that in moments of great difficulty it is useful to rely on a Safety Office structure to secure the essential.


SAFETY CAR makes exclusive privileges, services, advisory and new opportunities available to its members. Join the Club!


Created in the image and likeness of a Family Office, the SAFETY OFFICE allows Safetycar members to take advantage, in a privileged and priority way, of a series of consultations dedicated to securing and protecting what they deem important and fundamental for their lives. private and professional.

To do this SAFETYCAR has selected a qualified and specialized international network of professionals, consulting companies, service providers ready to operate in the following 3 macro areas:

In moments of difficulty, the quality of life and well-being are the real wealth. Never as in moments of insecurity it is important to prevent rather than cure.

Heritage is often the result of years of work and effort, investments and complex legal and fiscal planning: it must be safeguarded and protected.

The attacks that your business can suffer are even more numerous and devastating than those on our private life because they affect many areas of our existence.


SAFETYCAR has in its mission the creation of a series of projects in the sports (motorsport), cultural and social fields, mainly derived from the world of motoring, but not only.

Red is the color of passion, like the passion for classic and prestige cars that must be treated like a work of art.

The passion for motorsport sees Safetycar engaged in the world of Historic Rally where one of its crew competes successfully aboard a legendary Lancia Fulvia Coupè.

An ambitious social and philanthropic project. Read the details and support us

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