• Car custody in a safe and secure environment

  • Technical maintenance

  • Worldwide safe transport

  • Customs procedures


  • Restoration consultancy

  • Purchase / sale advisory

  • Obtaining certificates and approvals

  • Insurance advice


  • Expertise of the car

  • Appraisals and evaluations

  • Historic book creation

  • Photo shooting

  • Preparation and assistance for participation in international auctions

All with a simple "click": to submit the request to the Car Office, just fill in and send the form available in the Ask to Safety area.

And if the specific request of our Member does not fall within the areas described above, the Car Office will act immediately to find the ideal answer to meet his needs.

Red is the color of passion and the passion for historic and prestige cars is tinged with the same

color: make your car handled like a work of art!

Built in the image and likeness of the English Family Office, Safetycar provides the owner of prestigious cars with a Car Office: a network of selected professionals ready to solve any type of problem related to car management by providing and guaranteeing a series of services on -demand. These are «short & long term» services rendered by Safetycar Partners.


Below is a list of the main services that can be used: